Now accepting high quality editorial photograph & article submissions:

-Controversial Topics
-equality for alt styles, all sizes, all ages, all genders, gender identities, all sexual orientations, all ages and disabilities
-Music if it Aligns with Topics and Style
-Prostitution and Stripping
-Sex Empowered Women
-Bad Ass Females
-Hardcore Business People
-Punk Rock
-Interesting Travel
-Personal Essays on Hard Topics
-How to Figure out Who you are and Get What you Want out of Life
If your brand is looking to target this difficult to nail down demographic

We accept all types of visual arts. Please do scan or professionally photograph your visual work.

We do accept poetry and other short written work.

We do accept artistic nudity.

If using a file sharing service to give us access to content, we suggest Dropbox or Google Drive. Copy and paste a sharelink (Do not add us to the folder) into your submission and make sure that your folder and/or files are listed with your submitted contributor name. We do not accept submissions transferred with WeTransfer, SmugMug, Pixieset or Mediafire.

Zipped files will automatically be rejected.

There is no maximum to how many separate submissions can be made by one contributor. Having more than one submission will not affect another submission.

We do accept non-exclusive work. 

If accepted, we will require high-resolution images ofat least 300dpi.

Current compensation is a print copy of the issue and up to $50 depending on content feature size.

We, unfortunately, do not respond to all submissions. We will respond with an acceptance asap if your work has been accepted. If you do not hear from us, it means your work was not accepted. We currently do not have time to send reasons as to why work was not accepted. Please view our recently published content to get an idea of what type of work we accept for publication.

Please submit all submissions to: